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 Pamoja Global Mission's Mobile Health Clinic

Diseases outbreak, pandemic, lack of specialized care took a heavy toll in marginalized  out of reach families recently. Travelling long distances in rough terrain prevented women and children from getting help when they needed most. 

Graduation Day

Providing Mobility& Independance 

Your equipment donations make it possible for us to collect, refurbish, sanitize, package, deliver and distribute donated  medical equipment and supplies. The devices we collect assist seniors, people with disability , the under-insured or un-insured , around our local community and international. >


Community Outreaches  

  • According to UNICEF, 2 billion people around the world lack safe drinking water

  • About half of the world population, 3.6 billion lack safe sanitation.

  • To promote healthy communities we have to start with disease prevention before treatment.

  • Your gift will provide clean safe water, personal hygiene kits, nutritional supplements, and other  essential needs to communities in the developing world >

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