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The Full Story Feb 2022

Mobile Health Clinic

We are thrilled to receive a donated Mobile Health Clinic for the people of Tanzania.

Thanks to all our partners, construction crew, businesses which donated materials and great leadership from Texas A& M University building department.


The construction of Pamoja Global Missions, Mobile Medical clinic is now complete. The clinic is constructed inside 40 foot shipping container and will be transported using convectional marine and ground transportation methods. 

This is just a first step in an effort of transforming lives and bringing health services closer to underserved communities in need.

We still have a long Journey, from the USA, to International waters, to the destination, Tanzania.


Medical Clinic Destination

Nyamisati Tanzania


PGM Medical Clinic will be in a Village, where there is a small port, a Nyamisati terminal. Nyamisati is Delta area of Rufiji River emptying into an Indian Ocean. Nyamisati port is in Kibiti district, Coastal Region three hours’ drive from the major port of Dar-es-salaam Tanzania.

This port plays a key role in handling cargo and passengers, in an Island of Mafia, Zanzibar and the Comoros.

These people come daily to the mainland for major necessities including medical treatment and baby delivery.

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