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Through your generous donations to Pamoja Global Missions (PGM) team, you make it possible for us to collect, package, and deliver lifesaving nutritional supplements; water purification system, medicine, birth kits, medical equipment and supplies. 

Life Saving Medical Supplies for Missions
Team Meeting
Durable medical equipment 

The Pamoja DME reuse center  program offers donated new or used,  medical equipment and supplies to those who lack the resources to acquire new equipment at very low fees. Do you have an Equipment to donate? >

Caregiver with Patient
Adult diaper pantry  Supplies for seniors

15-20 % of adults over the age of 65 are incontinent. Medicaid or medicare may not cover the incontinent supplies. Pamoja Global Missions has an adult diaper pantry to fill this need in our local community.

Listening to baby's lungs
Community Health
equiping the care givers 

Many of our Mission Hospital and Health facilities are in a desperate need of equipment, PPE and supplies. In a country like Tanzania, health centers and caregivers lack the basic supplies and equipment necessary to do their jobs.

Volunteers Serving Food
Mission relief packages  

Our Missions centers are multipurpose simple building shelters used for reaching out in the villages. This is where people come to receive medical and emergency services, personal care, social and spiritual services.

How you can help.

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