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Blessing Bundles to Tanzania Communities During Covid-19

Sept 30, 2020 Issue  

IIn the early part of this year, international borders closed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This prevented mission teams from traveling to countries, like Tanzania, where an enormous number of communities relied on outside help like medical assistance. In Tanzania, those communities had to look for different ways of getting help or do without which could lead to death.

Medical relief Arusha Tanzania.jpeg

Pamoja Global Missions Chapter inTanzania

In the beginning of this year, while dealing with offices and churches shut downs, our teams in Tanzania were navigating government bureaucracy in an effort to register an NGO, Pamoja Global Missions Tanzania. This process started from January of this year and succeeded around May.


The Blessing bundle 

In exploring solutions under difficult circumstance; around June of this year,  your generosity allowed Pamoja Global Missions in partnership with Blessings International, to prepare and send medicine packages called ‘’The Blessing Bundle’’. The Bundles were enough to treat 1000 people. Thanks to Blessing International contributions, we were able to pay for the international shipping cost for the medicine packages; this was not a small amount. We also established a mobile medical clinic with a participation of a local doctor and a pharmacist who are members of Pamoja Global Missions Tanzania.

At this time since we had our NGO in Tanzania, we were able to register with Tanzania Medicine & Medical Devices Authority (TMDA) which allowed us to export medicine: The Blessing Bundle.

Thank you

At our home base in the U.S, the Board of Directors of Pamoja Global Missions would like to express their gratitude to Terry and Dr. B. San Pedro for helping them with the prescription.

We would like to give our deepest appreciation and a shout out to Pamoja Global Missions Team in Tanzania as well. God has blessed us with a highly motivated team that was working tirelessly with a slim budget.

If you would like to see more of this work progresses please don’t forget to pray, share and contribute to Pamoja Global Missions.


  • With your support together we can mobilize supplies much needed to undersaved communities. 

  • Rural communities have limited access to transportation due to poor road conditions, lack of community based health facility to receive care in time. Setting up emergency community shelters helps us in an effort of distributing necessary supplies and services. This may be a difference between life and death.

  • With your help we can provide critically needed medical furniture, supplies, nutritional products, equipment and other related items. 

There are ways to make a difference

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